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Planning a More Productive Meeting in 2019

A productive meeting demands a lot of effort in focussing on the essentials of the agenda. A change in location and conducting meetings along refreshing views of the city can help provide your peers with a clearer mindset. Our venues are designed for impactful, distraction-free functions so read more on how you can use it to the best of your advantage.
With the rise of technology, the scope of corporate events in Wisconsin has skyrocketed to new heights. More leaders are opting for more creative ways to convey information and the majority of successful companies believe that arranging events outside of the workplace increases productivity! If you're looking for some innovative tips on how to make the most out of your Wausau meeting, we've got the solution for you.

Golden Rules for Productive Meetings

Prepare yourself - Plan ahead and compile your meeting agenda BEFORE it takes place. This is an essential step to time management and it allows peers space to plan their day around the meeting. It's a generous move and keeps people informed of the topics being covered, prior to the big day.
Initiate conversation - To be a leader is more than just taking the stand and reviewing meeting notes. A corporate world is built on the combined effort of multiple key players and involving them in a gathering keeps the exchange lively. It also keeps invitees alert and ready to be an active participant.
Build a no-gadget zone - Smartphones and laptops are great for note taking but are not ideal when it comes to meetings. Ask attendees to keep their devices away and this allows them to focus more on the agenda. Studies show that information retained drastically reduces when working on a laptop while attending a meeting. It eats through valuable time that could be spent listening.
Limit your audience - Maintain a healthy proportion of the amount of speakers vs the amount of invitees. The more there are, the more time is spent on conveying an idea. Smaller groups allow for more participation between peers and speakers can attend to them personally without spreading themselves too thin.

Meeting Venues in Wausau, WI

Most importantly, finding the right location to host your meeting is an essential step to encouraging a productive atmosphere. Invite your peers to the Jefferson Street Inn and enjoy our distraction-free event spaces with stunning views of the city in Wisconsin. Request for a proposal today and host your corporate or social engagements with a seasoned staff of professionals and state of the art boardrooms. Connect with your peers in style!
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